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Duka Environmental Services Ltd., Corporate Vision and Mission are “to provide the best quality and highest value in environmentally sustainable services to governments, industry and private sector”.


We employ our best business practices to maximize benefit to the local community and reduce environmental impacts.     To realize our vision we are guided by our Sustainability Policy which directs our activities in the following areas:


  • Energy – routinely assess our consumption, in the office and in the choice of travel, vehicles and accommodations.   Computers, printers, fax machines and lights turned off at night.          

  • Carbon dioxide – a commitment to using non-GHG producing vehicles, staff use public transport whenever possible.   We employ bicycles, electric or hybrid vehicles, scooters versus trucks or SUVs, when work and site conditions permit.  We utilize telecommuting and skype to reduce travel. 

  • Water – minimized office water use, low flow toilets are installed on our premises

  • Waste – only post-consumer fiber paper is used in printing.  We practice recycling of electronics, batteries, plastics, glass, metal, paper, refundable containers.    Rechargeable batteries are used wherever possible.   

  • We use bio-rational larvicide products that have no negative environmental effect and which conserve natural insect and vertebrate predators.

  • Implement and promote non-chemical, physical and biological controls of pest populations wherever appropriate

  • Deploy only sound, economical, and site-specific Integrated Pest Management Principles for best results


We have ongoing audits of our corporate activities and implement sustainable measures.  Wherever possible we choose airlines, vehicle rental companies and accommodations that have offset greenhouse gas emissions programs to allow us to further achieve carbon neutrality as a responsible Corporation.


Through our academic and professional liaisons we guarantee that we are up-to-date in our knowledge of sustainable technologies and environmentally sound control products.   We employ resources in a manner that derives the best value and results for our clients.

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