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Ecological and Habitat Assessments/Construction Monitoring

- British Columbia Institute of Technology Fish, wildlife and Recreation Program.  Guest lecturer and field instruction/support for students field projects.  Riparian/streambank assessments, infill planting and monitoring project for the City of Surrey, Urban Forestry. Field testing of

- Phase One and Two Site Assessments, soil sampling, reporting.  Land assembly for commercial and residential development/construction.  Expansion of existing buildings or facilities.  Several private and commercial interests.  Cascade Properties, Dominion Avenue, B&J Auto Parts, Fine Furniture Refinishing, Bosa Properties, E&H Langley.

- Pre-construction and foreshore studies for biophysical assessment of estuarine and marine plants and substrates at various locations in Indian Arm as required for aquatic structure installations, typically floating warfs and piers for several private property owners.

- Pacific Coast Terminals, Port Moody, BC Storage tank farm expansion, Port Moody, BC.  Plant Inventory and site mapping of ephemeral salt marsh.  Design and installation of compensatory marsh in adjacent mud flat area.  Berm construction, large woody debris installation and planting.

- Kingston Construction - Concrete overlay, Kootenay River Bridge refurbishment.  Work involved removal asphalt, concrete surface scarification/repairs and asphalt resurfacing.   Prevention and containment of water run-off related to resurfacing from entering Kootenay River.  Treatment of construction-related waters for alkalinity and disposal/dispersal.

- Department of Fisheries and Oceans - Carraholly, Indian Arm.  Private owner construction of several homes and road access into forested area.  Road construction crossed two streams and construction of warf.  Monitoring of clearing and road construction, bridge installation, riparian habitat assessment, fish salvage/return, stream side vegetation replanting plans and monitoring (3 years) for success. Inventory/mapping of foreshore and assessment of impacts from warf construction and annual monitoring for three years post.

- Whonnock Lake  Private property investor wanting to remove existing house and develop/construct Health Spa/Retreat, Bed and Breakfast with several individual cabins and cook house/spa main building on property.  Property survey, terrestrial ecosystems survey, wildlife and danger tree assessment, vegetation inventory, wildlife habitat and riparian area assessments, wildlife observations.

- Riparian area assessment and Environmental Sensitive area assessment 70 Mile House required for a development permit application.  Subdivision of private property into (+35 hectares) into 5 parcels.  Area is located with the Great Basin Spadefoot toad (Spea intermontana) habitat range.  Riparian habitat and surveys for toad presence.  Reports allowed for development Permit and property subdivision to proceed.

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