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Integrated Pest Management Experience

Mosquito and Biting Fly:

- Mosquito and biting fly abatement, Nuisance and Vector Species.  Over 30+ years of experience providing specialized service to some 10 Regional Districts, 60 communities and First Nations.  Program design, implementation, public education, Pest Management Plan development and preparation.  Use of an Integrated Pest Management approach to Nuisance and Vector (West Nile Virus) surveillance and control.  Black fly (Simulium spp.) control program development.

- West Nile virus Emergency Response Plan development for some 10 Regional districts and 20 communities.  Provided for a tiered, escalating response and approach to control operations and pesticide applications in the event of a BCCDC identified disease outbreak.  Expanding from larval surveillance and control initiatives to adult mosquito control operations.

- West Nile Virus Communications Plan development for some 10 Regional Districts.  Provided a structured, and tiered plan, detailing a comprehensive approach to public education and outreach in the event of the BCCDC identified disease outbreak.  Standardized office reception procedures and scripts, newspaper, radio and television advertisements, announcements etc.

- Mosquito and Black fly larvicide field trials necessary the Federal Pest Control Products Act and Pest Management Regulatory Agency product registrations process  by manufacturers that included Sandoz-Zoecon Corporation, Abbott Laboratories Ltd., and Valent Biosciences Inc.  Products tested included and insect cuticle deposition inhibitor dimilin, the growth hormone mimic methoprene, and all Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis and Bacillus sphaericus formulations.

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