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Community Mosquito Control

Providing communities with safe, effective and sustainable mosquito control services for over 30 years.

Duka Environmental Services Ltd., has extensive experience in integrated pest management, specializing in mosquito and biting fly surveillance management.  We are retained by municipalities to provide the annual, comprehensive, Nuisance and Vector Mosquito Control Program.  Since 1986 we have provided both nuisance, and west nile virus vector mosquito population surveillance, sampling, development site mapping and control services to over 60 communities, Regional districts and provincial agencies.


Mosquito control services are provided to residential and rural property owners, businesses, parks, campgrounds, golf courses, and other outdoor recreational tourist facilities.  The goal of the annual larval mosquito control program is to limit the potential for wide spread adult mosquito annoyance, and possibility of mosquito-borne diseases, for the benefit of residents, workers and visitors.


The methodologies and procedures developed for Duka’s Vector Mosquito Control program are a hybrid of the most current approaches and techniques.  Developed by DUKA Ltd. over thirty operational seasons and through collaboration with mosquito and vector control professionals worldwide, procedures have been carefully and specifically adapted for the unique conditions of the program areas.


A comprehensive public information strategy, surveillance protocols, and control methodologies are described in the Pest Management Plan (PMP) for Mosquito Control.  The procedures and methodologies employed for programs support the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and include site reduction or modification, the conservation and enhancement of natural predator populations and habitats, and the use of biological, larval mosquito control products.  It is a mode of environmental compatibility and sustainable mosquito control operations.  All government regulatory agency conditions and notification are completed as required.


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