VectoBac Sales

We sell VectoBac in 5kg bags to the public.

VectoBac can only be used on purchasers private property.

Advantages of VectoBac

  • Controls 1st through early 4th instar larvae

  • Efficacy can be evaluated almost immediately after application.

  • Can be used in IPM programs (not harmful to beneficial predators, i.e. fish, insects)

  • No residues and exempt from pesticide residue tolerance requirements

  • Non-toxic to applicators, non-target wildlife, and domestic animals

  • Can be applied to any water sites except treated finished drinking water

  • Applications to irrigation water are permissible

  • Can be applied easily with standard equipment, backpack  fertilizer spreader, or by hand

  • Biodegradable

  • Can be used in almost any aquatic habitat with no restrictions

Valent Bioscience researchers are continuing to develop microbial products that provide efficacious mosquito and black fly control with a sensitivity to preserving delicate aquatic ecosystems.

Payment Options

Personal or Corporate cheque or E-mail transfer.

For Pricing & Quotation for freight contact;

Toll free 1 800-681-3472 or 604-881-4565


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