Mosquito's a problem?  Have an irrigation, septic or similar type of natural or man-made pond.  Wholly contained on your private property?

We have the solution. 

VectoBac Bacterial Larvicide controls developing mosquitos at their source.  A 5kg bag  enough to treat 2 acres of water surface.

Advantages of VectoBac

  • Controls 1st through early 4th instar larvae

  • Efficacy can be evaluated almost immediately after application.

  • Can be used in IPM programs (not harmful to beneficial predators, i.e. fish, insects)

  • No residues and exempt from pesticide residue tolerance requirements

  • Non-toxic to applicators, non-target wildlife, and domestic animals

  • Can be applied to any water sites except treated finished drinking water

  • Applications to irrigation water are permissible

  • Can be applied easily with standard equipment, backpack  fertilizer spreader, or by hand

  • Biodegradable

  • Can be used in almost any aquatic habitat with no restrictions.  Must be Self Contained Waterbodies Located Entirely on Private Property.

Valent Bioscience researchers are continuing to develop microbial products that provide efficacious mosquito and black fly control with a sensitivity to preserving delicate aquatic ecosystems.

Payment Options

Personal or Corporate cheque or E-mail transfer.

For Pricing & Quotation for freight contact;

Toll free 1 800-681-3472 or 604-881-4565