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Reduce the Risk

Personal Protection is your best defence

Mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs.
The best way to keep mosquitoes away is to clean up any standing water sources.

  • Eaves and drains: clean out gutters of debris

  • Buckets, flower pots, plastic containers: drill holes In bottoms or store inside

  • Tires: empty of water frequently; move to a shed or garage If possible

  • Ornamental ponds: a pond aerator will keep water moving; stock with fish to control larvae.

  • Rain barrels: cover lightly with mosquito-proof mesh

  • Change water every 3-4 days in bird baths, pet bowls. plant saucers, children's wading pools (turn over when not In use)

  • Clean and chlorinate outdoor pools and hot tub

  • Routinely check Items that collect water such as buckets, pool covers, tarps, and wheelbarrows.

  • Fill in low depressions in lawn and check flat roofs

  • Rural properties: check for mosquito larvae in lagoons, dugouts and standing water sites

  • Environmentally friendly larvicides for use in fish ponds, ditches and lagoons are available at most gardening and hardware stores. 

  • Modifications or treatments of ditches, swamps, streams, lakes and other water bodies that are not man-made and self-contained must be authorized by the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection.

  • Personal Protection:

  • Avoid going outside at dawn and dusk -mosquitoes are most active at these times

  • Wear light coloured, loose fitting clothes with long sleeves and pants when possible

  • Check window screens for holes and make sure they fit snugly into window frames.
    If you don't have screens, keep windows and doors closed when mosquitoes are active

  • Use mosquito nets around your home, especially when mosquito populations are high

  • Apply DEET-based mosquito repellent (follow label precautions and do not use on children under six months of age). Note: do not use combination repellent/sunscreen

  • Mosquito 'zappers' that attract bugs have not been proven effective.

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