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Tips for backyard enjoyment when you just do not know where the mosquitos are coming from

Mosquito Magnet/trap - uses CO2 as a mosquito attractant, mosquitos are collected into a bag/box for disposal.  Works best on large properties where you can place trap 100ft from sitting area.  The trap that has a mesh bag works best.  Traps with sticky tape are not as effective.

Mosquito Coils - when started 1 hour before going outdoors, make a difference.  They will control adult mosquitos.  Citronella candles/torches are only a repellent.

Mosquitos do not like rain or wind:

Oscilating fan and/or Cobra Mistand placed by sitting area help mosquito's not come around entertaining area.

FAN + MISTER together = few mosquitos.

Mosquitos do not fly well in heavy mist/fog.

Mosquito Magnet - good picture - PG - 11
mosquito coils 005.JPG
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