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Frequently Asked Questions & Myths:

Do sound and electricity repel mosquitos?
  • these devices have no repellency effects

  • units are marketed with no test results

Do citronella plants and candles repel mosquitos?
  • no data to support claims

  • pleasant odour does not guarantee results

Does skin moisturizing oil defend against mosquitos?
  • field tests does not support claims

  • mosquitos are 30 times more sensitive to DEET than to skin moisturizers

Do birds eat mosquitoes?

  • ornithologists state Purple Martins and other swallow-like birds do not prefer mosquitos

  • mosquitos make up less than 3% of their diet


Facts about Vectobac
  • Controls 1st through early 4th instar larvae

  • Efficacy can be evaluated almost immediately after application

  • Can be used in IPM programs (not harmful to beneficial predators, i.e. fish, insects)

  • No residues and exempt from pesticide residue tolerance requirements

  • Non-toxic to applicators, non-target wildlife, and domestic animals

  • Can be applied to any water sites except treated finished drinking water

  • Applications to irragation water are permissible

  • Can be applied easily with standard equipment

  • Biodegradable

  • Can be used in almost any aquatic habitat with no restrictions


Bug Zappers
  • mosquitos comprise less than 5% of the catch

  • kill mostly beneficial insects

  • actually attract mosquitos

Homeowner efforts

Since mosquitoes need water to complete their lifecycle, the source of a mosquito problem can be just about anywhere water can collect. You can help reduce mosquito populations around the home by eliminating these sites and by;

  •  removing discarded containers from around your property

  • replacing water in bird baths and livestock troughs regularly

  • cleaning clogged eavestroughs, drain pipes and ditches

  • storing boats, canoes and other objects so that they do not collect rainwater

Mosquitos are attracted to people because of heat, the carbon dioxide we exhale and fragrances in items such as soaps, perfumes, lotions, hair treatments and other personal care products.

To reduce the annoyance of mosquitoes;

  • install and maintain tight fitting window and door screens to help keep mosquitoes out of the home

  • wear light coloured, loose fitting clothing

  • heat and moisture from barbecues attracts mosquitos, after cooking move away to enjoy your meal

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